Two type of comic designs

We will use the pictures you submit for your comic. If you do not want a traditional, original picture solution, you can choose from the following styles. . We transform your images into the given style with special graphic work. It is important to note that the better quality image you send us, the better quality the execution will be. We are not responsible for bad/inappropriate quality images!

Comic - Detailed style

Well-crafted, modern and clean style. From a distance, it looks like the original image, only more vivid, but if you look closer, you can see that the original image has become a digital creation. Click on the picture and take a closer look!

Cartoon - blurred style

Caricature-like design with a drawn effect. A real cartoon-like solution. Click on the picture and take a closer look! Click on the picture and take a closer look!

Style FAQ

What quality images are required for the comic product?

The better the quality of an image, the better the given comic/cartoon style will be! The pictures taken with the phone are also perfect! It is important that you upload the original version of your image for us. If you are not sure about the quality of your pictures, feel free to send us an email, attach the pictures and we will help you with the design! Email:

What is the quality of the comic product?
During the design process, we transform the images from the original images into Comic and Cartoon style with such a solution that their quality is perfectly suited to any printing house. For the design, the comics are made with high resolution: 300dpi, on more compact poster paper: 200g/m2, so you will receive excellent quality.

Why can’t I see my own picture in the product designer?
The images and numbering in the designer are only illustrations, the material you submit will be edited by our designers in the style you request. All products are unique, customized and handmade. Before the product is produced, the submitted images are transformed by our graphic designers in the style of your choice. This requires a lot of post-production work, so you will only see illustrations in the product designer.

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